Can’t have Josh being the only bloke welcoming visitors to Pretentious Apologetics, now can we?  I’m JB, and much like Josh I intend to write various odds and ends from time to time: philosophy, theology, Bible-type stuff, perhaps politics here and there if I feel like aggravating the masses.  Again like Josh, the frequency of my presence and involvement can be rather variable, so be not alarmed if I either vanish suddenly or perhaps appear from the recesses of the unknown in a blaze of superhuman glory, as is my custom.  Josh may be a member of TheologyWeb, but I’m staff, which makes me a superior specimen of humanity.  I can’t say I’ve done much work in the realm of podcasts, as he has, but I can say that I’ve had the privilege of being a contributor to the upcoming book Shattering the Christ Myth: Did Jesus Not Exist?, which I believe will prove to be one of the most comprehensive demolitions of the absurdities of the “Christ myth” thesis (in all its assorted manifestations) to date.  I’m sure I have other meritorious distinctives as well, but it may perhaps be better to allow my future work to speak for itself.  At any rate, enjoy.

Gratia vobis,


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