Can’t have Josh and JB being the only blokes welcoming visitors to Pretentious Apologetics, now can we?  Actually we can.  Nevertheless, I’m BronzeArcher and unlike those two I will only write about the few topics I strenuously attempt to limit myself to: social-scientific criticism of the NT and Mediterranean anthropology.  I do not have the skill to appear in a blaze of glory or to hop in and out of discussions; I embed myself into a wall somewhere and stay there for quite some time.  I have been at TWeb longer than both Josh and JB, which suggests I am more screwed up than both of them combined.  I do not know what a podcast is, but I have read many publications of various Context Group members.  My interests as a sociology and anthropology student involve neoliberalism, marginality, language and power, and the various ideologies behind activist groups.

I do not really like apologetics because in the six or so years I’ve been involved with it and similar discussions, I find that an attack/defense framework often polarizes discussions to the point where fellow human beings cannot state the positive aspects of their opponent’s arguments.  I also am frequently sympathetic to non- and anti-Christian thought.  My role here is to aid, in the areas I can (social-scientific criticism), any genuine investigation.  Josh and JB are fine folk and I am glad to post with them.


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