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Elisha and his maulin’ bears

June 4, 2008

While looking up passages and materials for a prelude to a “OT god vs NT god” event I will be running at my church, I came across the Elisha and bears passage. From a social-science perspective it struck me as fascinating: I wanted to know what factors played into the obvious honor challenge, and how it could be that a fairly large group of people could have grouped together for what seemed to be the sole purpose of mocking Elisha. Please read this as a reflective post. Note too that I am writing another version of this with expansion on some unclear points. (more…)



May 15, 2008

Welcome to Pretentious Apologetics. I am Josh and this is my introductory post…

I plan on writing on things like philosophy, politics, theology and whatnot, but there really are no bounds to what I will spew uniformed vitriol about. I’m also prone to bouts of absence from discussions, so expect me to hop in and out of the discussions here without warning. I am a member (probably the best) of theologyweb where I try and pass off as some kind of philosophy expert, but I’ve also made appearances on the podcast A Christian and an Atheist. Enjoy.